Pripyat Piano


2019 Silver Eye Award

2020 AEON PRIZE Image science film festival

2021 Honorary Mention The Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival

2021 Czech Lion Nominee - Best short film

2021 Czech Critics Awars Nominee - Best short film


26 April 1986: Chernobyl's reactor number 4 explodes and provokes the biggest nuclear disaster in history. Pripyat, where the plant is located, becomes a ghost city. Guided by former inhabitants, Eliška Cílková takes us in her quest of the town's memory. Gracefully shot, the film reminds us the power of music where less expected.

Fim Crew Pripyat Piano:

Director, editor, composer: Eliška Cílková

DOP: Tomáš Frkal

Sound: Miroslav Chaloupka

Dramaturgy: Lukáš Kokeš

Production: Noemi Krausová

Producent Jindřich Andrš